Holborn Financial are pleased to announce the merger with MKC Wealth.

The team and office in Wimbledon will remain unchanged, as will the telephone number.

It will however involve a change of name - Holborn Financial will now become MKC Wealth.

The merger will expand our advice capabilities and also increase our technical & administrative resources. All with the purpose of ensuring our clients continue to receive a comprehensive, personalised first class service.

All Holborn Financial clients will have received a letter providing all relevant details including how they will benefit from the merger.

If for any reason, you have not received this communication, please feel free to call one of the team in Wimbledon on 020 8946 8186 or email us on enquiries@mkcwealth.co.uk.

Please click this link to be redirected to the MKC Wealth website www.mkcwealth.com